Enigmazure (Pty)Ltd Technologies uses PayPal as our primary payment processor, through which credit and debit card payments are processed as well. This ensures a safe and secure way to pay online and products and unless otherwise stated, products and service bought over the platform are delivered immediately.

If you experience any problems with the delivery of a product or service you've paid for or if you experience any problems during the process of completeing your payment, please contact support.

We generally operate a COD type sales structure, so there are no products and services which require any form of subscription. Those which may require a subscription are NOT billed automatically and it'll be up to the buyer/subscriber to renew their subscription accordingly by compleing the payment for each subsequent purchase.

We are always exploring different payment processing methods to possibly add to our biling system, otherwise for affiliates it's simply a matter of how YOU want to receive your affiliate earnings. We'll go out of our way to make sure you get the money you've worked so hard for, so affiliates simply need to contact us to arrange the payment method through which they'd like their earnings disbursed.