Enigmazure (Pty)Ltd operates an affiliate programme which allows anyone to sign up as an affiliate (free) and earn commission on each sale made via their affiliate link. We have a growing list of products and services you can market and earn up to 75% commissions on - a list of products and services which naturally grows quite slowly admittedly, but only because we're super meticulous about the products and service we include for marketing and sale on our platform.

We are in it for the long run so we only list products and services of high quality, proven to sell really, really well and thus maintaining the proud reputation which we're cultivating.

Of our affiliates, we only expext the same sort of integrity contained in the products and services we sell, which means we ask of you to only market our offering using ehtical techniques. STRICTLY NO SPAMMING!

If evidence about any spamming activity an affiliate may be involved in is presented to us, that makes for very strong grounds to terminate what we otherwise wish to be a very pleasurable and streamlined relationship which only brings mutual benefit.

You can sign up to the affiliate programme here, or log in to your Affiliate Dashboard to start promoting products and services or to manage your account if you're already a registered affiliate.

We have it on good authority that we might be the only affiliate marketing platform which disburses affiliate earnings as quickly as within 24 hours sometimes, but we're almost 100% sure we're the only e-commerce/affilaite platform which pays out via any method which suits the affiliate who's made some sales!