Enigmazure Technologies (www.enigmazuretechnologies.com) is an e-commerce and affiliate selling platform developed as an extension of the various projects parent company Enigmazure (Pty)Ltd is involved in.

This electronic commerce platform is the first of many projects in the pipeline which entail a collaboration of all our staff members and external investors to create just another one of those online business fully representing what we're all about - online business development. Our vision is simple - to make a profit (how about that for honesty), but we intend to continue doing so by providing value to all parties interacting with our platform in any way.

Our number one mission is that of setting ourselves apart from other e-commerce platforms which focus on digital products and services by listing and selling only LEGITIMATE product and services, all of which go through a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure their integrity. This is one of many growing reasons why we're becoming a frim-favourite amongst affiliates - they simply get to promote AND GET SALES from products and services which are legit and will have all involved happy with the transaction, including the original vendor, the affiliate AND THE CLIENT who buys the product or service.

For shoppers who are tired of what is now becoming that familiar feeling of buyer's remorse, we can confidently lay claim to none of that being party to your online shopping experience at Enigmazure (Pty)Ltd Technologies.